Sean Hall

Chef Sean Hall’s love for food and culinary was sparked during his early days on his grandfather’s cattle farm in Johannesburg, South Africa. There he discovered the magic of beef raising and cooking techniques first hand and his journey beginning with a deep appreciation for the interplay of ingredients and flavours.

After completing his chefs apprenticeship in the UK, Sean refined his skills under the mentorship of renowned chefs Graham Harrower and Neil Dixon as well as being part of the Jamie Oliver team being described as one of the key milestones of his culinary career that has shaped him into the chef he is today. As he states, “Crossing paths with some of the leading producers in their fields, they don’t just inspire you but make you grow as a chef”.

The next chapter of Sean’s culinary adventure led him from the UK to Sydney where he assumed the role of Executive Chef at 6HEAD. Sean continued to push the boundaries of culinary innovation by incorporating fresh techniques, equipment, and ingredients to refine his dishes and new menus.

When it comes to preparing food, Chef Sean believes that using the best seasonal ingredients available are integral to the experience for the guest. “Being a chef is so much more than just being in the kitchen. It gives me so much pleasure in understanding the origin and process behind every ingredient. The love behind each producer is not only inspiring but also gets the creative juices flowing”.

He speaks of the importance of quality dining where the food is not just delicious but the atmosphere and experience that 6HEAD provides is like no other. “When creating new dishes I am always striving for perfection. Each dish is created to ensure the guest goes on either a journey of nostalgia or to create an everlasting food memory”.

Now his culinary journey largely revolves around anchoring all things culinary and ensuring that our guests have left not only being satisfied but more also inspired with the memories they will create while dining at 6HEAD.