Kim Antonio

Kim has an extensive background in agriculture and regional development with over 25 years of experience in the sector. Kim has managed several major projects including the first major Australian mine dewatering for agricultural production project, a national industry restructure program and disaster reconstruction programs.

In 2016 Kim was tasked with developing a program to support the growth of food manufacturing in Western Australia to convert more agricultural product into value added food and beverages. This program forms part of the State’s Diversify WA strategy.

Kim now leads DPIRD’s food manufacturing programme, known as Food Industry Innovation. His team delivers industry extension services to enhance the ability of food and beverage manufacturers to compete and grow in national and international markets. The program focusses on a holistic approach, not only supporting the manufacturers but also building the ecosystem that sits alongside the industry including service providers and the education sector.

Kim leads implementation of digital manufacturing on a shoestring in WA, the first jurisdiction globally, outside the UK, to implement shoestring. This is delivered through a knowledge sharing and local capability building agreement between Cambridge University and the government of Western Australia.