Dr Chris Lehnert

After taking out a Bachelor of Engineering (Honours) at University of Queensland, Chris Lehnert undertook a PhD at Queensland University of Technology (QUT), staying on to become a post-doc researcher and Senior Lecturer in Robotics at and Chief Investigator at the QUT Centre for Robotics. Projects he’s engaged on include Moving to See; Reaching in Clutter using Force and Tactile Feedback; Safe autonomous driving through dense vegetation via interaction; and the development of Harvey – The Robotic Capsicum Harvester. An early-career highlight was participating in 2016’s Amazon Picking Challenge. Dr Lehnert led the now-completed Robotic Vertical Farming Systems project for Future Food Systems CRC, and is research lead on the FFSCRC’s Autonomous Robotic Platforms for Greenhouses’ project, a collaboration with national vegetable grower and FFSCRC industry partner P’Petual Holdings.